Firm Overview

At the Sotile Law Firm, I have what I think is a different approach to practicing law. My clients, you, always come first. I am always available to you, and I want to get to know you more as a person. I know the stress that you are under when you are involved in legal disputes and must hire an attorney. I understand how important your case is to you. I will treat you and your case with the same respect I would want if I were in your place.

I will reduce the stress over your legal situation whenever possible. One way I can do this is by explaining every step of the process and taking the time to answer your questions. When you know what is happening and how it affects your case, you don’t have as much to worry about and you can concentrate on making good decisions about your case.

I am a tough negotiator and I am ready to take your case to trial if we are unable to settle it to your satisfaction. I have a reputation for being very well prepared for trial, which works to your advantage in settlement negotiations.  Your opponent knows we mean business, and will take the case to trial if we cannot settle to your satisfaction. But ultimately, every decision in the case is yours to make and I will support those decisions.  You and I will work together to get the result you want.

Let’s see what we can accomplish together.
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